Within 5 minutes from our hotel

Only a few minutes away from Achillion hotel, guests can visit the main sightseeing and points of interest of our town.

a arxaio theatro koilo

First Ancient Theatre

First Ancient Theatre is situated on the slope of Frourio hill,where the fortified citadel of the ancient city of Larisa was. Today is surrounded by the pedestrian parts of Venizelou, Ifestou,Apollonos and Papanastasiou streets.

With capacity of almost 12.000 seats, it is one of the biggest and most important ancient theatres that have been discovered in Greece.The upper part of the theatre was visible until the mid nineteenth century, yet, after the earthquake in Larissa in 1868,was covered by the ruins of brick houses.


b arxaio theatroSecond Ancient Theatre

The second ancient theater of Larissa or "small" was built on the southwestern slopes of Pefkakia hill, which was leveled in the 1950s. Today located at the junction of Velissariou and Ergatikis Protomagias streets. This is the second Ancient Theatre of Larissa which was used during the Roman period. They have saved two marble rows of seats, the orchestra and a large part of the scene. The monument came to light in excavations conducted in the years 1985 and 1986.

Rooms that are located on the rear of the Hotel overlook the ancient theater.


alkazar1The Alkazar Park

The Alkazar Park is the largest and most noteworthy park of the city, with a history of more than 100 years. It is located next to the banks of the Pinios river, under the hill of the Fortress and the Cathedral of Saint Achilles. The park has extensive pedestrian walkways decorated with fountains, bicycle paths, recreation areas, landscaped pond, refreshment shop, playgrounds and outdoor theater with capacity of 2,500 seats, known as the "Garden Theater" in which takes place many theatrical performances in spring and summer. Next to the park are the shaped banks of Peneus river, walking and recreational areas in which is organized each year the Peneus river festival.


kentriki plateiaThe Central Square

The historical Central Square (Mayor Sapka) of Larissa is surrounded by the streets Papanastasiou, Cyprus, Megalou Alexandrou and the pedestrian walkway of Kouma, where is the courthouse of the city. The square gathers each kind of functions, commercial, recreational, cultural and social relations. In front of the courthouse is the "Sculptural River" fountain, sculptor’s Nella Golanda characteristic artistic element of the square.

Busts of great Greek, as former Mayor Michael Sapka adorn the various corners of the square.


frourioThe square on the Fortress

Square Mayor Aristides Lamproulis located on the hill of the Fortress. Following the disclosure of the Byzantine church and the early Christian bath, the square was designed to be in harmony with the historic Bezesteni and Basilica of Saint Achilles. In the current square area was taking place Wednesday’s public market, which operated all day until evening. For this reason, today Larissa’s market operates on Wednesday and not on Thursday as in the rest of Greece.

The square is all paved and well illuminated, while around it there are various bars filled with people, especially during the summer months.


plateia taxudromeiouTaxidromiou square

The Post Office Square is undoubtedly the most vibrant city square. In this square dozens of cafes hosting daily the citizens of Larissa and guests from other Thessaly capitals. The square gracing the "Sculptural River", the large fountain of Larissa sculptor Nella Golanda, where waterfalls waters symbolize the mountain springs of Pinios river.

In Post Office square is situated also the building of the medical school, which in it's submerged Courtyard directly in front of it, events and concerts take place